a   collection   of   oddities

sometimes   wearable,   practical..  lyrical

little   statements   handcrafted

by   Murmur   &   Trent KS



.s u i e ;

The amber of the moment after fire passes

the necessity of Sulphur, its ashes
what’s left behind matter c a r b o n  from which we’re born
flesh and fur and sweat  and screw it in
deeper deeper the necessity of Ruin
livetocreate createtodestroy/a study on the restriction, the one of our senses -tiny  attempt to understand the pressure of our own skin

&breath in &breath in
this sacred game of the dominant
and the submissive,
finding ourselves in some cages
Our home
soft kingdom in these iron ages

———— – — – ————– – — — – – – ————– – – – ——————– – – ———-  — – – – — — —

.m a n i f e s t o.:
Inspired by ancient methods, the démarche wants to build a bridge between conceptual art and traditional techniques.

Leather to meet the flesh, our most exposed organ linking us with the exterior, false border &trim of the inner and outside world. [- – -] Choosing to wear animal skin in order to respect -reaffirm our own, our old bestiality. To accept the restriction of the Meat, ours, dressing us and sewing the limits of our self- bodies. Celebration/transgression of the corners of the selves. Building links instead of fences by using torture and sensations as tools of -for connection.

Steel as a memory of our industrial dystopia, claim of the beauty of the machines and a prose of the structure. Having to fight, hammer, pierce, brutalise, Carnage giving birth to a shooting star. Metal is sculpted with blisters and split knuckles. Wisdom of the violence, to soften ourselves under each hit. Tools as an extension of our limbs.

Surviving from, for & by our hands.